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Unlocking a new phase of growth by going multi-product

AUTHOR: The LaunchNotes Podcast team

Steve Klein ( of LaunchNotes talks with Dave Schools of Hopin ( about Hopin’s journey acquiring and building new products to unlock their next phase of growth.


Show notes

(00:00) - Introductions

(05:48) - Acquisitions and building products

(18:16) - Deciding to build a new product

(29:18) - Collaborating across the company on a new product

(37:54) - Product-led growth or enterprise first? 

(39:51) - ​​Not sharing code bases across product 

(43:22) - How early is too early for a waitlist?

(44:48) - Deciding on a name for a new product

(47:38) - Sizing up the opportunity of a new product

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