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Playbook for implementing Continuous Discovery with Andy Yeo (Airbyte, Segment)

AUTHOR: The LaunchNotes Podcast team

Steve Klein (@stevenklein - of LaunchNotes talks with Andy Yeo (Airbyte, Segment) about Andy’s experience standing up Continuous Discovery during his time as a product manager at Airbyte.


Show notes

(00:00) - Introductions

(05:00) - An overview of Airbyte's product team

(08:10) - Bringing product managers closer to customers

(15:26) - Operationalizing user interviews

(26:35) - Prepping for user interviews

(35:41) - Managing and organizing user feedback

(40:16) - The impact of more customer conversations

(46:56) - The ideal frequency of customer calls

(49:29) - Finding the right customers to talk to

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