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Competitive Intel for Product Managers with Andy McCotter-Bicknell (ClickUp, ZoomInfo)

AUTHOR: The LaunchNotes Podcast team

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Steve Klein (@stevenklein - of LaunchNotes talks with Andy McCotter-Bicknell (Head of Competitive Intel @ ClickUp) about how competitive research can help sharpen your product strategy, and how to effectively do it at your company.


Show notes

(00:00) - Introductions

(02:27) - Building a competitive intelligence program

(05:13) - Should you focus on competitors? 

(14:54) - 3 sources for gathering competitive intel

(22:35) - Tips for building a win/loss program

(28:06) - Tips for ensuring customer research insights don’t go dormant

(35:17) - Thoughts on G2 and Capterra

(42:38) - Tips for requesting an interview

(45:23) - How do you learn about a competitor’s pricing model when they don't publish it on their website?

(48:24) - How does competitive intel change over the size and growth of a company?

(50:02) - Andy's course on competitive intel

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